Sunday, October 16, 2016

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Southern California Day 5 - Slow Day

Spent at La Jolla Cove - chillin'.  Went to the pool and hot tub.  Went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.  Watched 'Life of Pi'.
La Jolla Cove cave

La Jolla Cove Suites where we stayed

People running from the waves in the cove

Seals and Pelicans

View from our room

La Jolla Cove

Friday, June 21, 2013

Southern California June 2013

Day2 Laguna Beach on a beautiful dayDay1 Sunset Beach our first hotelDay1 Sunset Beach our first hotel from beachDay1 Sunset Beach that would be a fun field tripDay1 Sunset Beach first look at the oceanDay1 Hollywood Blvd
Day1 Hollywood teeny tiny feetDay1 Hollywood Alec and SpockDay1 Hollywood little Shirley TempleDay1 Hollywood 1929 oldest one I sawDay1 Hollywood Jason with ArnoldDay1 Hollywood all the peeps at Graumans
Day1 LA panorama from lookoutDay1 LA Hollywood Bowl from lookoutDay1 LA Hollywood signDay1 LA skyline from lookoutDay1 LA Alec always has to go off the pathDay1 LA purple Jacaranda trees everywhere
Day1 Santa Monica Alec at Bubba GumpsDay1 Santa Monica Jason at Bubba GumpsDay1 Santa Monica our view from lunch at Bubba GumpsDay1 Santa Monica beach at pierDay1 Santa Monica AlecDay1 Santa Monica Pier
got sidetracked from daily posts to do this - but they have days and descriptions!  I'll get the other 6 days out there at some point.  Better do it before I forget details!